On Black Lives Matter, racial justice, and health equity

CPR Plus is not a major national brand. We’re a small, independent healthcare company. So we know people probably aren’t looking for our statement on the historic cultural moment we’re in right now. But that’s why it’s even more important that we speak up and make it clear that we stand with the movement for true equality — in our justice system, in our healthcare system, and in our everyday lives. We stand with Black Lives Matter and with our Black colleagues, clients, and friends. We stand with those fighting for a society that is fair and loving for all people. We stand with our brothers and sisters of all different races, cultures, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

Our work is fundamentally about life. We teach others how to save people in emergencies. To be Good Samaritans. To protect and cherish life. While we wish every person’s life was valued and celebrated equally, we know the world simply doesn’t work that way — yet. But the current moment makes us hopeful for a brighter future. We’re dedicated to doing our part in creating that future too.

In honor of Juneteenth and Pride Month, CPR Plus is donating to the National REACH Coalition. The NRC is a network of community-based organizations that promotes, develops, and implements health equity programs in both urban and rural communities. We encourage you or your company to join us in making a generous contribution.

Here’s to building a healthier, safer, more free and fair society together.