An inspiring story from one of our clients

Check out this inspiring client story about how a group of employees at a local company used the skills they learned in a CPR Plus course to help save one of their co-workers.

To the amazing AHA instructors at CPR Plus:

Our company began using your services about a year ago. Our first aid volunteers learn CPR, how to use an AED, how and when to administer Emergency Oxygen, and First Aid. I cannot say enough how grateful we are for your style of training. The training is fun and engaging and has allowed our volunteers to be confident in their abilities to act when needed.

Recently our volunteers were called to action. When our rescuer volunteers arrived on scene, the victim had appeared to have fainted, however she was not responding to the shake and shout. EMS was called immediately. It was noted the victim was breathing but began to have a frothy discharge from the mouth. The victim was turned on their side, into the recovery position and continually assessed. During assessment, the victim was noted to have stopped breathing. Our rescuers wasted no time! One began the steps of CPR while the other cut away the clothing and applied the AED pads. No shock was advised. CPR was continued with a company RN arriving on scene during the first set of compressions. Airway management was assumed by the nurse who began using a bag-valve-mask attached to high-flow oxygen, while the first aiders continued compressions. The team worked with EMS coordinating the care the victim received. Our first aiders did the basics while EMS handled medication administration, and once complete, EMS took over care of the victim.  

The victim was treated with high quality CPR and AED administration. And even though we train for this scenario, it is very rare to ever need to use the skills. Not only did these first aid volunteers use their training, but they did so with a calm and a focus that I have never witnessed in a volunteer rescuer. Their outstanding performance was, in no doubt, the reason the victim’s resuscitation was successful. In fact, the victim regained consciousness prior to transport!

Keep up the GREAT work of making the training so fun. Know that your mission and training style have a tremendous ripple effect in the world! 

Thank you,

Received April 2021

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