The 56th annual American Heart Month is this February

It’s almost time again for American Heart Month. In order to mark the occasion, we’ve compiled information about the event and recommendations on how to get involved. Here’s to your health this February and every other month! What is American Heart Month? American Heart Month began in 1964. That year, President Lyndon Johnson designated February … Read more

How to respond in an emergency

How to respond in an emergency

In an emergency, it’s normal to react with nervousness and confusion about what to do. The good news is that effective preparation can help you keep your cool and respond well in an emergency. In this post, CPR Plus founder Stacy Graff Baehmann shares her tips on dealing with medical emergencies. This information comes from … Read more

Here's how to choose a good CPR trainer

How to choose a good CPR trainer

When shopping for goods and services, you usually have a wide variety of options. That includes CPR, First Aid, and life support training. In these classes, you’re learning how to help sick and injured people — and even how to save their lives. So it’s important to choose your trainer thoughtfully. For instance, when you … Read more

What are the differences between online and classroom CPR courses? Which model is right for you?

Online vs. classroom CPR courses

As our culture continues to trend towards tech, it’s no surprise that online education is becoming standard in some industries. But how do online classes in CPR, First Aid, and life support stack up against hands-on training? If you’re deciding between online and classroom CPR courses, we encourage you to consider a few factors. In … Read more

School hallway with lockers

St. Louis school staff use Chain of Survival training to help save a coworker who was suffering a heart attack

Staff at Gateway Science Academy acted fast to save a custodian when he displayed signs of a heart attack. Their training with CPR Plus and knowledge of the AHA Chain of Survival helped ensure a good outcome for their coworker. When Haley Pepper grabbed a snack from the teacher’s lounge, of course she wasn’t expecting … Read more

College library in soft focus with books in foreground

Wash U faculty member survives a heart attack with help from his colleagues, who were recently trained in CPR and AED

A Washington University faculty member received help from his coworkers when he suffered a heart attack at work. The coworkers’ recent CPR and AED training prepared them to act quickly — and effectively. The heart attack came when Rick least expected it. At 51, he was healthy and active, routinely putting in both cardio and … Read more