What to do for someone who is having a seizure

What to do when someone has a seizure

Frankly, seizures can look pretty scary. Convulsions, unconsciousness, confusion, and even screaming are all symptoms of a grand mal seizure. So let’s make them a little less scary by understanding what’s going on and how to help. In this post, we’ll talk about what’s happening in the brain and body during a seizure, possible causes, … Read more

How to respond in an emergency

How to respond in an emergency

In an emergency, it’s normal to react with nervousness and confusion about what to do. The good news is that effective preparation can help you keep your cool and respond well in an emergency. In this post, CPR Plus founder Stacy Graff Baehmann shares her tips on dealing with medical emergencies. This information comes from … Read more

What are the differences between online and classroom CPR courses? Which model is right for you?

Online vs. classroom CPR courses

As our culture continues to trend towards tech, it’s no surprise that online education is becoming standard in some industries. But how do online classes in CPR, First Aid, and life support stack up against hands-on training? If you’re deciding between online and classroom CPR courses, we encourage you to consider a few factors. In … Read more